1. It is a curious sight to see university students who being barely a month enrolled, already joining student protests on the street about any social issue that they obviously have not read about thoroughly. One such issue, especially in Caucasian countries, is the issue of diversity; this is of course pushed by the mostly Marxist universities, universities that instead of preparing young adults to be ready in life and career, are quite keen on setting them up as useful idiots for the benefit of a failed ideology such as Marxism.

    There are many irresponsible professors and educators who propagate the lie of diversity to the pliant youth. If I were to be asked, this ought to be criminalized.

    To begin with, we have been taught staunchly at school that diversity is good which implicitly mean that remaining loyal to one’s own race is an abomination. They simply cannot coincide alongside each other because these are two parallel ideas.

    For one, diversity preaches that we should tolerate the tomfooleries of those racially inferior from us much to the point where we submit ourselves to them so as to make them feel better about themselves. Diversity too, teaches that one has to be ashamed of one’s own success or natural advantage in order for the inferior not to feel left out.

    Excuse the language, but what a load of bull.

    Imagine if this were the way our ancestors thought all through those past centuries. We’d all be extinct by now. And as the world seems set on such line of thinking in today’s world, we are hopelessly gearing up for our ruin.

    If anything, diversity is very anti-Christian in its roots. Thinking about it, the way diversity taunts our nature by making fun of it through forcefully making it conform to political correctness, namely, for the sake of a false concept of equality.

    But one has to wonder and ask, given that our ancestors did not buy into the diversity lie, what other factor aside from God refusing to end the world yet, is the reason behind why we still exist today?

    The answer is fairly simple. It could be found on the color of our skin, the shape of our eyes, and the hues of our hair.

    How come there are numerous studies which show that babies exclusively respond positively to pictures of people of their same race? How come scientific authorities report that the human body never accepts stem cells from a donor of different race and ethnicity? And how come too, that there exists a hormone called Oxytocin which provides for us the natural feeling of trust toward those of our own race?

    The word we are looking for here is ‘Racialism’. We are naturally Racialists not only for the above-stated reasons, but because common sense has it that we are of our own race. We were born in our own race, and unless circumstances have it that we were taken out from our natural environments, we are attached to our race because for a very long time before we are aware of the world around us, our existence first revolved around with those whom we share the same skin color.

    Sadly, forces who lack a sense of conscience are working hard to eradicate a truth that is time immemorial, a truth that is undeniable. Sadly too for them, but one cannot simply wipe that truth at the snap of a finger.

    That’s why they have infiltrated our schools and universities, solely for this evil purpose.
    They know that the youth are possibly the most impressionable type of people, and they mercilessly abuse this fact to meet their own ends.

    The lie of accepting diversity, such as one of its tenets called ‘Multiculturalism’ is a plague that we must be rid of, and rid of immediately. It is a foolish ideology which contradicts our very nature and if we don’t put an end to it now, this horrid politically correct world will all the more become worse.

    Once again, multiculturalism and tolerance are branches of the concept of accepting diversity, that very concept which contradicts out natural inclinations. We are not born to submit ourselves to the whims of political correctness, we were born to appreciate and love our own race. We are Racialists regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.

    To be Racialist does not automatically mean one has to opress the other race. Remember, God created man to be good and with that fact, all the idiosyncrasies of man, including preference for one’s own race, is good.

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